Fears for Lynmouth summer bus service

Joseph Bulmer

THE summer bus service to Lynton and Lynmouth from Minehead could be under threat if a council funding subsidy is withdrawn.

Somerset County Council is proposing to drop funding support from more than 30 bus services, including the open-topped Exmoor 300 route operated by Quantock Motor Service.

A consultation on the proposals came to an end on Friday. There have been fears in North Devon that the loss of cash will put the future of the service at risk and harm the local tourist industry.

But Somerset County Council said it only subsidises the 300 bus from April to September, at a cost of almost �100,000 a year.

“We understand local businesses views that removing these services could have an impact on the local economy,” said Cabinet Member Harvey Siggs.

“I believe residents will be shocked to find that we are pumping in getting on for �100,000 a year to a route that only runs from April to September. No decisions have yet been made but I consider levels of this subsidy, such as for the 300, are just not sustainable.”

The final decision will be made at a full council meeting on Wednesday, February 15 when the budget is approved for the coming year.