Extinction Rebellion celebrate Big Green Week in Barnstaple

North Devon Gazette

As part of Big Green Week, Extinction Rebellion North Devon held an event in Barnstaple Square to not only celebrate insects but also highlight the drastic fall in their numbers due to intensive farming, pesticides, habitat loss and climate change in recent years.Â

Many members dressed up as insects as part of a dramatic insect die-in across the square.Â

After highlighting all the positive things insects do to make life on earth possible, organiser Stephanie Foster said: “We can no longer see ourselves as separate isolated entities from the natural world. We are interconnected with all life and by recognising that, we can take action to protect and nurture it.” She called on MP Selaine Saxby to do more to push for government action on climate change.Â

The XR Craftivists also exhibited some of their beautiful stitched and embroidered panels based on nature themes, some of which will be taken up to Glasgow for the COP 26 talks in November.