Exmoor fund raisers open the box

Joseph Bulmer

EXMOOR shopkeepers Paul and Jenny Lawson have provided shelter for hundreds of people in disaster areas all around the world through their fund raising.

Paul and Jenny run the village stores in Winsford and have been the first to react when disaster strikes by making collections in their shop to raise funds for the iconic Shelterboxes, filled and distributed by the Rotary Club organisation.

But they had never been sure of just what survival equipment they had been helping to provide until Ueli Zellweger of Barnstaple Link Rotary Club offered an opportunity to see for themselves one of the Shelterboxes sent out to disaster areas.

The boxes each provide shelter and equipment for 10 people and even helpful items for children caught up in the turmoil of earthquakes,tsunamis etc.

It was Ueli who first drew the Lawsons’ attention to the charity and since then Paul and Jenny have raised thousands of pounds to fund boxes that will be ready for the next emergency.

Jenny said: “It is such a worthwhile charity and is overseen by Rotary worldwide, so we know it will go to the source without interruption. Now we have seen the contents, which include a tent, special fleece bedding, a cooker that will work with anything that is flammable, as well as high quality tools and cooking utensils, we are even more impressed.”