Engineering work begins at crematorium

Joseph Bulmer

A PROJECT to upgrade machinery at North Devon’s crematorium starts next week.

The seven-month project will see the existing cremators and other equipment being replaced with more modern machinery.

The government has set new targets, which requires mercury and particulate emissions to be reduced by 50% from all cremations carried out in the UK, by 31 December 2012.

In North Devon, this involves replacing the current cremators with two new machines fitted with filtration equipment specifically designed to remove these harmful emissions.

Chris Beach, crematorium manager, said: “This project will completely transform and modernise the facilities we provide at the crematorium.

“It will also benefit the environment, as the new machinery is more energy efficient and will be filtering 100 per cent of all cremations, which means that there will be no harmful emissions released.

“In December, we also had to upgrade the site power supply in preparation for the installation of the new machinery.”

Work will start on Friday but the crematorium will remain open throughout the works and efforts are being made to keep disruption to a minimum.