Elkie’s ‘apple-a-day’

Joseph Bulmer

International star sings the praises of natural North Devon cider product

INTERNATIONAL singing star Elkie Brooks has given her endorsement to a natural North Devon product that is due to be launched in the next few weeks.

Elkie, who has long had a home in North Devon, dropped in on old friend Peter Hartnoll of Ostlers Cider Mill in Goodleigh to add her support for his new product ‘Honeygar’ - a combination of cider vinegar and honey.

Cider vinegar has long been valued for both its culinary and medicinal properties. Peter produces his own, non-pasturised, version.

But some people find the taste of this natural product too sharp, he said. To offset this he is now adding honey, which is also valued for similar qualities.

Elkie told the Gazette that she has been taking Honeygar daily.

“Peter gave me some bottles and it’s amazing. It tastes really good,” she said. “There are a lot of other cider vinegars around, but I like the flavour of Honeygar. If I take any medicines I hate it if they taste bad.”

She had practised aikido and martial arts and over the years had picked up arthritic sports injuries, said Elkie.

She believed the cider vinegar helped and was also good for the immune system.

“I think all these things help and I also take vitamins daily,” she said. “I have been in the music business for 51 years and am now 66 years old – and I think I look quite good for my age.”

Elkie is still touring, with a busy schedule of nearly 50 concerts on her list this year.

She and husband Trevor Jordan have recently acquired a fruit farm in the Woolacombe area, so during their visit to Ostlers they were also able to get some good advice from Peter, who they have known for many years, since the days when they used to live at Woody Bay.