Dog attacks must be stopped

Joseph Bulmer

Dog owners urged to keep their dogs on leads after at least two sheep are mortally injured

DOG WALKERS on Northam burrows are being urged to keep their dogs under control after at least two sheep have had to be put down.

Another sheep is being treated for injuries after being chased or bitten by dogs, and senior ranger Shawn Corin has even received reports of horses being chased by dogs and people driving their remote controlled cars deliberately into grazing animals.

He added: “The vast majority of dog owners coming to the Burrows do behave responsibly, control their dogs, pick up the mess and cause no problems whatsoever. But unfortunately some don’t, and this can lead to tragic consequences, causing death and injury to sheep and wildlife.”

PC Dick Rowlands of the Bideford police neighbourhood beat team wanted to remind dog owners that it is a criminal offence to allow a dog to attack or chase livestock.

He said: “The Council’s Environmental Protection Unit works closely with the Police when such offences are reported and investigations have lead to prosecutions and official sanctions where appropriate evidence has been obtained.”

Councillor Gaye Tabor, lead member for the natural and built environment, is particular concerned as we enter lambing season.

She added: “I urge people to act responsibly, keep their dogs under control and respect the wildlife and animals on the Burrows. It’s a wonderful natural resource for all of us – let’s keep it that way.””

If you have any information regarding any of these instances, such as a description of the dog or owner or a car registration, then please contact the Police on 101, the Burrows Centre on (01237) 479708 or Animal Welfare on (01237) 428855.