Joseph Bulmer

SIR - I was so disappointed to read the comments from C.Holmes re the charity fund-raising event “The Bideford Tri”.

I would like to add a balanced view. This is not an opportunity to make generalisations about car drivers, as in all populations there will be diversity, good and bad,

The majority of cyclists also own a car. Consequently, it’s not rocket science to understand that cyclists will have road safety awareness, having first hand knowledge of how vulnerable cyclists and motorcyclists are in comparison to cars and HGV etc

The Highway Code states that cyclists are allowed to cycle two-abreast and cars must pass allowing space, Im assuming the third cyclist was overtaking the other two.

Clare’s reference to the Mini event makes me wonder if this is just an opportunity to vent resentment. Interestingly she encountered more than 250 cyclists. Considering the variety of participants from first-timers to experienced top class athletes, some would be swimming or others running, I struggle to understand how anyone would encounter more than 250 cyclists unless she was stalking them!

To conclude I would like to congratulate the Rotary Club in particular Rob Floyd for organising an event which not only raised money for local charities, it brought a great “eco friendly” sporting event to Bideford.

Events like these raise the profile of Bideford and in turn eventually boost the economy. It also encourages young people to engage in activity promoting healthy lifestyles The evidence to support the benefits of exercise on our physical and psychological wellbeing is endless.

I so hope TDC capitalise on this opportunity and support Mr Floyd and the Rotary Club for 2012 as it could be so much bigger and so good for our little white town!

Andrew Butler,