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We are your local digital marketing specialists here in North Devon, we seek to understand your business, the current needs and future aspirations to create powerful marketing campaigns across multiple channels to make a real difference to your business.

Clear Sky follows the principle of doing what is right for the customer at all times, in doing so there may be valuable solutions for a customer that does not use our current platforms or audiences which is why Clear Sky Digital Marketing was set up, to ensure that the business we work with are able to navigate digital marketing and get clear results to stand out online.

To aid in this Clear Sky Digital Marketing has created new services to offer to our advertisers;

Website Design

The website is the central points for all of your online marketing activities and needs to reflect your business as this will be many new customers 1st introduction to you.

Getting the right balance of form and functionality can be difficult but we can assist in the creation of simple brochure sites to multilingual global ecommerce sites. All of our sites are built with SEO best practice in mind ensuring strong online viability and we can even create all of the new written content for you.

Search Engine Optimization

Online visibility is absolutely key, a great website won't do any good if no one can find it!

The best way to ensure that you dominate the search page is great content, following SEO best practice and naturally building links and citations through a strong digital PR strategy.

Clear Sky Digital Marketing offers a goal orientated SEO approach, aiming to not only boost your visibility online but increase the enquiries, sales and even foot traffic driven by the website.

Paid Media Management

Paid Media can come in many forms, Google ads and Facebook Ads being the most commonly used.

We are able to manage paid ads across most paid channels including, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn and Tiktok. Able to manage current ad accounts or build new ones entirely from scratch.

A well managed paid ads campaign is often the difference between a profitable one and a loss maker, no wonder so many businesses choose outsource their paid ads management to get the expertise they need.

Content Writing and Content Marketing

Online content is indeed hugely important, how you present your business to others, the tone of voice used and where this content is placed is absolutely key.

Whether you require great product descriptions for your ecommerce store, A well written article or press release or if you simply want your website to stand out online, great content can be a massive step in helping your business achieve its goals.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best tools for Turing people browsing online into a paying customers, it is not often you can talk directly to a potential customer without other interruptions while online. But with so many emails being send each day the trick here is to stand out.

We specialize in ensuring that emails send our personalized, targeted to the right audience and is well crafted with a clear call to action, driving sales and keeping your customers informed.

We also aim to create new events and seminar to help share our knowledge of digital marketing to businesses across Devon and product helpful guides on how to make the most out of your digital marketing and how to monitor what works and what doesn’t.

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