Diamonds shine again

Joseph Bulmer

Carol Anne Diamonds netball team continued their winning ways with victory in Division 1 of the Lyn Bonnett tournament.

The event was held to raise money for the Netball Development Trust, a charity set up to introduce netball to developing countries and areas of the world.

Recently members from Bude went to Ethiopia and later in the year Langtree’s Tess Gorin will be going to India, where she and a team from England Netball will hopefully be able to improve the quality of life for the youngsters in the deprived areas.

Tess is not only raising money to go to India, but is also hoping to take sports kit out with her. If anyone can help she can be contacted on 07971 083510.

The tournament was strongly contested and the new ‘Fast Net’ style was played.

The Diamonds only beat clubmates Carol Anne Trolls by three goals to take the division 1 title. Trolls also took home some silverware winning the cup for the highest number of goals scored during the event with 88.

Pat Williams Girls’ Catherine Mills and Carol Anne Trolls’ Annette Huxtable were the Division 1 players of the tournament.

In Division 2 Carol Anne Rubies defeated Venners 14-11 to win the trophy. Harriet Schofield of Venners won the player of the tournament.

Tracey Hooper from North Devon Homes and Hartland’s Lisa Cetinkaya demonstrated great skill and shooting to win the players of the tournament shields for this division.

North Devon Homes and Reeds Silverside continue to be very evenly matched and only one point decided the match in Reeds’ favour 16-15 when they met in the Division 3 final.

Division 1: Carol Anne Trolls 30, Venners Vipers 26; Venners Bakery Vipers 25, Pat Williams Girls 7; Carol Anne Trolls 22, All Whites 10; Carol Anne Trolls 20, Pat Williams Girls 11; Carol Anne Diamonds 19, Carol Anne Trolls 16; Carol Anne Diamonds 19, Venners Vipers 14 ; Carol Anne Diamonds 19, Pat Williams Girls 12; Carol Anne Diamonds 18, All Whites 4; Venners Bakery Vipers 16, All Whites 4; Pat Williams Girls 12, All Whites 9.

Division 2: Venners 18, Bude 6; Carol Anne Rubies 12, Bude 11; Carol Anne Rubies 14, Venners 11; Venners 13, Carol Anne Rubies 12; Langtree Re-Unites 11, Bude 4.

Division 3: Reeds Silverside 23, Carol Anne Topaz 6; Reeds Silverside 23, Hartland Harriers 2; North Devon Homes 20, Carol Anne Topaz 4; North Devon Homes 19, Hartland Harriers 10; Reeds Silverside 16, North Devon Homes 15; Hartland Harriers 11, Carol Anne Topaz 2.