Crucial pre-school meeting

Joseph Bulmer

Planners set to determine relocation plans for community ‘lifeline’

TORRIDGE District Council’s plans committee is being recommended to approve proposals for a new pre-school centre in Bideford.

Members will meet on Thursday to determine the application submitted on behalf of the Stepping Stones Pre-school at East-the-Water.

The pre-school committee hopes to erect new mobile classrooms at the Pollyfield Centre at Avon Road.

Supporters hope planning permission for the land adjacent to the existing changing rooms and car park would enable them to attract the funding needed to fulfil the project.

The pre-school described as a “lifeline” to the local community, has been run from an empty classroom at East-the-Water Primary School since 2005, but the school is now reclaiming the facilities to cater for its growing intake of pupils.

The committee has been told it must find new accommodation before March 30 or face closure.