Council’s partnership deal with holiday firm

Joseph Bulmer

Working agreement will cover all Fowler’s holiday parks in the South West

North Devon Council has been named as the successful authority to enter a partnership working agreement with a major holiday park operator.

The council’s application to be John Fowler Holidays’ primary authority has been accepted by the Government. This forms a statutory partnership between the two, meaning the council will be responsible for delivering support and advice at the company’s South West parks.

Councillor Brian Greenslade, Leader at North Devon Council, said: “We’re delighted to have been accepted for this partnership, which will result in us overseeing all of the company’s health and safety arrangements. The benefit of this is that it will lead to more successful local regulation for the company, who will find it simpler to just having to deal with one authority.”

Nick Harvey, MP for North Devon, said: “This is excellent news for a local business as well as for North Devon Council. The government is keen for local councils to work in these sorts of partnerships so I am pleased to see that North Devon is leading the way.”

Martyn Fowler, of John Fowler Holidays, said: “We’re happy to be entering into this partnership because it will mean we will have a better working relationship with just one authority, rather than different ones for different locations. It will avoid repeated information requests and unnecessary checks, as they will have a better understanding of our business. As a result of the partnership, we believe this will also help reduce our costs.”

Councillor Brian Greenslade added: “Thanks especially to both teams of officers, including Jeff Baum at North Devon Council and Mark Randle from John Fowler Holidays, whose effort in securing this agreement shows partnership working at its best.”

The Primary Authority Scheme was launched in April 2009. By working closely with a business, a primary authority can apply regulations to their specific circumstances, providing robust and reliable advice. This advice must be respected by all local regulators, enabling the business to operate with assurance and confidence.