Council grant helps keep Torridge Transport wheels turning

Joseph Bulmer

Torridge District Council has awarded a �10,000 grant to the Torridge Community Transport Association, to help it continue its services of providing transport options to people throughout the district.

The TCTA is a registered charity, with its main focus in the 36 parishes of northern Torridge, from Welcombe to Winkleigh, but also providing transport outside of this area when required.

The most popular service is a Ring and Ride facility, but it also runs a voluntary car service, community group minibus hire and passenger club excursions.

Duncan Goodman, TCTA co-ordinator, said: “TCTA aims to work with individuals, communities and groups to identify and address transport need and to maintain people’s freedom and independence. Their continued access to transport through us maintains their equality of opportunity, gives them wider lifestyle choices and maintains and enhances their social contact and sense of wellbeing and, therefore, also supports their health. This �10,000 grant will help to sustain this vital service through the year, at a time when funding streams are more limited and the demand for our service is still growing enormously.”

Councillor Barry Parsons, Leader of Torridge District Council, said: “The service that the TCTA provides is invaluable - a ‘transport safety net’ for those with no other realistic means of getting from A to B - so very important in a rural district such as Torridge. I hope this council grant helps them continue to support the people of Torridge for a long time to come.”

For more information on the Torridge Community Transport Association look at their website or call 01237 425522.