Could the rich do more for the poor?

Joseph Bulmer

SIR – The column inches of the Gazette are reverberating with new ideas to get the poor to give more to worthy causes so the rich don’t have to, but what measures are put in place to ensure the vulnerable in the big society don’t give money they can’t afford to?

Philip Milton is a very wealthy businessman and a regular contributor to the letters page. What ideas does he have to encourage the inherited rich to provide all the money needed for charitable causes?

Gerard Stables is the secretary of the Communist Party of Great Britain; what part will he play in bringing the Egyptian people’s revolution to this country and so eradicate forever the pain and suffering of the common man?

It is an absolute disgrace that we allow a reason to exist for people to beg from the poor, whilst the richest in the land are given millions to pay for their own private wedding.

We’re all in this together except those who aren’t in it. No-one can say the bankers believe that a lack of money is their fault, in fact they believe it is a bonus.

T P Gidman, Barnstaple.