Continent comes to South Molton

Joseph Bulmer

SOUTH Molton will be able to sample the delights of the Continent next month.

The town will be transformed on April 10 into a bustling market place, with market traders from France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Holland, Poland wearing traditional costumes and selling quality products, including Britanny biscuits and olives, Swedish cider, Italian nougat, pungent cheeses, and saucissons, tartiflette from the Alps, charcuterie, fresh breads, croissants and much more!

For those with a sweet tooth, there will also be freshly cooked crepes. All of which can be washed down with Muscadet wines from a family vineyard in Frontignan.

As well as the edible goods, there will also be products including hand bags and leather items, Marseille soaps, lavender, children toys and pachmina!

Most of the products will come from “the terroir” - the land - of the stall holder, where they are produced by small organisations such as family businesses, farms or small factories, using traditional methods.

The traders will wear their traditional local costumes from 100 years ago and decorate their stalls to represent the area of the country they have come from, all helping to provide a true flavour of the continent.