Combe’s Scilly gig triumph

Joseph Bulmer

PILOT gig crews from across North Devon were among 130 boats from Britain, France and Holland competing in the world championships in the Scillies.

The local clubs did well and supported each other throughout the weekend, some loaning rowers to others in order to make up crews.

In only their second year at the World Gig Championships in the Scilly Isles, Ilfracombe Pilot Gig Club was the only Devon club to finish within the world top 50 and all their crews improved on previous performances to jump up the placings.

Final positions: Men - Ilfracombe 25th, Torridge 51st, Appledore 58th, Bideford 98th and Barnstaple 105th.

Women - Ilfracombe 30th, Torridge 44th, Appledore 99th, Barnstaple 122nd. Men’s veterans - Torridge 11th, Ilfracombe 42nd, Bideford 50th, Barnstaple 59th, Appledore 60th. Women veterans - Torridge 11th, Appledore 24th,Ilfracombe 26th, Barnstaple 51st.