Hospice volunteers - Credit: NDH

COLUMN: Time is the most valuable gift you can give

North Devon Hospice

It’s often said that time is the most valuable gift you can give. I certainly believe this to be true because I see first-hand the immense value of the time given by our volunteers at North Devon Hospice.

They come from all different walks of life - and turn their hands to the widest conceivable range of tasks within the charity - but every single hour they give contributes towards the same goal: allowing local people to get the care they need when facing the end of life.

1st – 7th June marks National Volunteers Week and I use the opportunity to shout from every available rooftop (metaphorically, of course, which is why I’m writing in this column) about the value of volunteering. Not only does volunteering, particularly with North Devon Hospice, have such an enormous impact in your community, it is also hugely beneficial for those who give their time.

It is such a privilege to see people learn new skills, forge new friendships and contribute towards something truly worthwhile which I know gives their lives extra meaning.

One of the reasons some people give for not considering volunteering is that they think they simply don’t have the time. I understand that. Life can be hectic and it can often feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. But I would argue that making time for volunteering is one of the most cathartic things you could do, which could even help with the pressures that a relentlessly busy life can bring.

You may have a preconception that volunteering is an enormous commitment, but many people give just a few hours a month to the cause.

There are also volunteering opportunities on evenings and weekends to fit around working life or other commitments. All who give their time tell me just how much it adds to their general wellbeing, so it is certainly something that can benefit even the busiest of people.

With Volunteers Week on the horizon, there really is no better time to start! Please get in touch with North Devon Hospice to see how your time and skills could make a difference, while I sign off with a final, emphatic, heartfelt thank you to all those currently volunteering.

Without you, the hospice could not provide such vital care to those most in need.

Sue Friend Volunteer Co-ordinator - Credit: NDH
Sue Friend Volunteer Co-ordinator - Credit: NDH