Close contests on netball courts

Joseph Bulmer

CLOSE matches were a feature of the North Devon Netball League this week.

Carol Anne Diamonds and Carol Anne Trolls were both tested in Division 1 before just managing to pull through.

Carol Anne Trolls and Venners Bakery Vipers were goal for goal for 50 out of the 60 minutes. Trolls then pulled six goals ahead, before Vipers scored five in a row to fall just one goal short.

Langtree Re-Unites Rogues and Pat Williams Girls have shown great improvement and worked hard to achieve draws against Titans Saturn and Titans Voyager. Both matches were extremely close throughout, with neither team able to edge ahead.

Just one goal separated Titans Venus and Carol Anne Rubies in Division 2.

Langtree Re-Unites Rivals were also tested for most of the match by Coodes, but they were strong enough to take a 30-23 win.

Bude Rockets defeated North Devon Homes Stars in a play-off for the final place in the top section of Division 3, with Holly Smale defending well to ensure success.

Div 1A: Carol Anne Trolls 36, Venners Bakery Vipers 35; Carol Anne Diamonds 46, Carol Anne Pearls 40.

Div 1B: Titans Saturn 25, Langtree Re-Unites Rogues 25; Titans Voyager 25, Pat Williams Girls 25; Venners Bakery Baby Cobras 30, All Whites 17.

Div 2B: Langtree Re-Unites Rivals 30, Coodes 23; Carol Anne Emeralds 43, Fillies 24; Titans Venus 23, Carol Anne Rubies 22.

Div 3: Play Off – Bude Rockets 31, North Devon Homes Stars 24.

Div 3 B: Exmoor Beasties 49, Langtree Re-Unites Rhinos 22;

Carol Anne Jets 35, Hartland Harriers 27.