Charity's appeal as Covid rules are relaxed

North Devon Gazette

Following the lifting of Covid restrictions, Living Options Devon is highlighting that the public should continue to think about those still vulnerable to the virus.  Â

Living Options Devon is a user-led organisation, they have supported approximately 6,000 disabled and Deaf people across Devon in the last year, through a wide range of services. They have provided support throughout the pandemic to some of the most vulnerable; this has been a very challenging time for the disabled and Deaf communities. Â

Diana Crump, CEO of Living Options Devon, said: “We are hearing from people who we support that they’re worried what the removal of the self-isolating legislation will mean for them. Â

“There are many people in Devon who are especially vulnerable, and should they catch coronavirus, the effect it could have on their health could be very serious. The concern is that without the legal requirement, many people who have the virus, knowingly or not, will be out and about, and the airborne nature of the virus means infection and spread is very likely.” Â

One constant issue has remained during the pandemic. People with serious health conditions that make them more susceptible to all viruses are still very worried about what would happen if they contracted Covid. Â

Living Options Devon’s Chair of Trustees, Andrew Barge, commented in an interview with BBC Spotlight South West. He said: “People who do have serious health conditions are very worried.Â

“Self-isolating people are still part of society, and are valued in society, we want them to be treated kindly and with respect. People should tolerate their choices and the position they hold to allay their fears as they try to reintegrate into society again.” Â

Living Options Devon have heard of lots of really great examples of people being supportive to others during the pandemic. We are asking people to continue to be considerate as we all begin to get back to normal. Â

That means respecting people's personal space, still wearing masks if others are unavoidably very close by, keeping areas ventilated, and generally being kind to others who might be more susceptible than they are.