Ceremony of the rocks

Joseph Bulmer

BIDEFORD Youth Pipe Band has appointed a new Chieftan - marked by the handing over of pieces of Scottish rock.

The Ceremony of the Rocks took place at the band’s award night when Mayor of Torrington Cllr Sue Mills became the new Chieftan in succession to Mrs Maureen Humphries.

The honorary role recognises people from outside of the band who have helped it in some way.

First Chieftan Lennard Burden and his wife Diana back in 1996 presented the rocks trophy to the band. The rocks come from Toward Castle in Argyll, Scotland, the ancestral home of the Lamont Clan - the band wears the ancient Lamont tartan.

A second trophy was then presented to the current clan chief, Peter Noel Lamont, 29th Chief of the Clan Lamont.

Awards presented to band members on the night were: Piper of the Year, Charlotte Gubb; Drummer of the Year, Chris Cole; Most Promising Newcomer, Alex Ride; Best Commitment and Attendance, Richard Cole; Smartest Band Member, Shannon Lamey; Best Band Member – 1, Chris Cole; 2, Charlotte Gubb; 3, Emma Inch.