Cat recovered from shooting now needs a home

Joseph Bulmer

SHOT with an airgun, Dodger the cat was rescued by a kindly householder who noticed him hanging around and limping badly.

He was taken to the Witten Lodge veterinary centre in Northam, where an X-ray showed a pellet in his leg, which had broken the bone.

Without a microchip, there was no way of tracing Dodger’s owners.

But he needed urgent treatment, so vet Henry Hartley operated to remove the pellet and set Dodger’s leg, using a metal pin.

Tests also revealed that Dodger had contracted the feline Aids virus.

Dodger is now doing well. He has finished his medication and has been cage rested after the surgery for two weeks.

He has been a wonderful patient and very affectionate. He especially likes his food and rubs under his chin, said Henry.

But now the search is on to find his original owners or a new home for him. He does need a special home because he has feline Aids – a virus which cannot be transmitted to humans – for although he is now very well, he will need to be kept indoors and away from other cats.

If you could give this lovely cat a home, please contact Witten Lodge on 01237 473278.