Carnival chairman says thanks

Joseph Bulmer

SIR - I would like to thank the people, organisations,groups and local councils who have for many years supported Barnstaple Fair Carnival.

On behalf of the committee, trustees and our helpers we thank you most sincerly for all the assistance you have afforded us to enable us to raise thousands of pounds for those smaller charities which may have slipped though the funding net.

To thank each and every one of you would take up a vast area within this paper so i hope our eternal gratitude will surfice. I must give very special thanks to Mr George Lovering who has been with the committee for 30 years prepared to do anything regardless of weather or circumstances and our sincere and everlasting gratitude to the Brend Family for all their help in so many ways

The Barnstaple Fair Carnival has reached the end of a long and enjoyable journey and it was with a heavy heart and much sadness that we took the decision to fold, We had no choice, it became ever more difficult to maintain the level of good entertainment amid the ever increasing cost and lack of physical support on the committee.

At our AGM the level of support from those present was good but the ability to help was not due to other commitments.

Finally, may i say a huge thank-you to the committee, trustees and anyone who has helped over the years to run the event. You are my heroes

Arthur Windsor

Chairman 2010

Barnstaple Fair Carnival Committee