Car crashes into North Devon farmhouse

Joseph Bulmer

Car crash update: Farmer has a lucky escape

A North Devon farmer had a lucky escape on Sunday afternoon when a car “flew” over his garden wall and crashed into his farmhouse, leaving a gaping hole in the end cob wall.

Andrew Thorne had only left from his house just outside Ashreigney on his tractor seconds before.

The Toyota car, driven by an elderly local woman, had left the roadway and travelled over the wall before crashing through the gable end of the property, showering debris across the living room inside.

The woman, who was the only occupant, was left suspended upside down in her vehicle before Mr Thorne and his wife Caroline helped her to escape from it.

She was treated at the scene by paramedics before being airlifted to hospital by the Devon Air Ambulance, which landed in a field opposite the farm.

A police spokesman said her injuries were not believed to be life threatening or life changing.

Mr and Mrs Thorne said the impact of the car hitting the farmhouse had sounded “like a bomb going off.”

Firefighters from Chulmleigh and Hatherleigh attended the scene and made it safe, shoring up the wall and covering it with a tarpaulin to make it weatherproof. A crane was needed to lift the car over the garden wall and recover it from the scene.