Call for clean up of Barnstaple ‘eyesore’

Joseph Bulmer

A Barnstaple councillor is calling for the dirty and graffiti strewn Theatre Lane in the town centre to be cleaned up.

Cllr Simon Harvey says it has become an eyesore and wants to see the graffiti as well as rusted metal artwork removed from the walls of the lane.

The environment committee of the town council has budgeted �250 from the Tidy Up Our Town budget towards removal of graffiti in the town, but Mr Harvey would like to see more measures put in place.

He suggests doing away with the metal plates on the walls, installed in 2003 as part of a �25,000 public art project “to tell a story of the 20th century cinema in pictures and other interesting features.” The plates themselves bear lines from the song Singin’ in the Rain.

“The plates are rusting, people use the area as a toilet and to drop cigarette ends and litter,” he said.

“I would also like to try and get it gated if at all possible, even if only at night.”

The lane will be one of several areas in the town centre being considered as an area for clean up during the Tidy Up Our Town Week in June. It is hoped the graffiti removal work can be carried out by teams supervised by the Probation Service.

Mr Harvey has carried out an environmental audit of his town centre ward and identified several areas affected by graffiti, which include Bedford Row and Belle Meadow Road.