Cadets’ county successes

Joseph Bulmer

A team of Army Cadets from North Devon came second in the Devon ACF Athletics championships at Exeter Arena.

Opportunity to participate in sports is one of the many activities offered by the organisation and the North Devon young people put in maximum effort to achieve 22 first places and numerous qualifying second and third positions.

First places were achieved by: Junior boys – discus, Rhys Cutler; javelin, Jake Major. Intermediate boys - 100m, Adam Boyland; discus, William Hughes. Senior boys – 200m and discus, Simon Moulder; 400m and 1500m,James Robinson. Junior girls – 200m and discus, Harriet Feltham;

800m, javelin and shot,Jez Snell; 1500m, Sophie Anderson; high jump, Ebony French. Intermediate girls - 800m and high jump, EmilieTowsery-Veal; 100m and long jump, Connie Harris; 1500m and shot, Ellie Kinsella;

javelin, Naomi Symons.