Builders say they have found 'ideal solution' in road scheme

North Devon Gazette

After a programme of consultation to engage with stakeholders and residents on its proposals, Baker Estates has submitted an application to Devon County Council to temporarily close a short section of Pitt Hill adjacent to its site in Appledore for 10 weeks to install essential services.Â

To avoid inconvenience to locals, Baker Estates have chosen to accelerate construction of a new road and footway through its site, suitable for vehicles and pedestrians to use safely.  Â

Graham Hutton, Development Director at Baker Estates, commented: “After a programme of consultation with local residents on our proposals, we have listened to the comments raised and gone away and thought about the ideal solution. Â

“We believe that building the new road through our site at this early stage is the best option for all parties concerned. Importantly, this relatively level diversion route will protect the amenity of elderly and disabled residents who find the other steeper end of Pitt Hill difficult to navigate.”Â