Brother told sister 'you're dead' after birthday party bust-up

North Devon Gazette

An angry brother has been jailed for threatening to beat up his sister after a bust-up at a family birthday party.

James Le Feuvre was furious that he had not been invited to the party in Barnstaple and even more angry that his sister Kylie had reported his behaviour to the police.

Two officers were at her house taking a statement when he rang her twice. She put the calls on speakerphone and they were recorded on the body-worn police cameras.

He was heard shouting a stream of four-letter invective and telling her “You’re ****ing having it. I’ll get so many people to come round to your house and beat you up. If you ever talk to me again, you’re dead, mate.”

In the second call he asked why she had called the police and called her a scumbag and a whore and said he’d send people to put her head through a concrete wall.

Le Feuvre later apologised to his sister and they have been reconciled. She wrote him a reference and sat in the public gallery when he appeared at Exeter Crown Court. Â

He was angry because she told police she had seen him produce a knife in the kitchen of their mother’s house. He claimed it had fallen out of his pocket.

He was subject to a suspended sentence for an unrelated assault at the time and is currently a serving a 14 month sentence for a further street attack that left a woman with a broken leg.

Le Feuvre, aged 31, of Forches, Barnstaple, admitted making malicious communications and breaching a suspended sentence. He was jailed for a total of three months by Judge David Evans.

He told him: “One factor that makes this serious is that it is evident to anyone who listens to the calls that they were in retaliation for her calling the police. It was pretty base behaviour.

“You have shown remorse and I understand you have been reconciled with your sister, whose reference spoke about your good qualities, your caring side and your good work ethic.”

Mr Tom Faulkner, prosecuting, said the call was made in the aftermath of an argument at the home of Le Feuvre and Kylie’s mother on November 28, 2020.

He played the recordings to the court of the two calls which were made 50 minutes after the lunchtime disturbance. He said no further action was taken over the allegation that Le Feuvre had a knife.

Mr Chris Cuddihee, defending, said Le Feuvre had been drinking before the incident and had little memory of the calls until he heard them in police interview.

He read out a letter which he has written to the Judge saying that he had reflected on his behaviour during his current jail sentence and admitted he had been an idiot.

He will resume his job as a ground worker when he is released and wants to go on a family holiday to Butlins with his sister when he is free to do so.

He said he wants to become a good role model for his ‘beautiful’ young daughter.