Braunton home pioneers new Government solar scheme

Joseph Bulmer

North Devon homeowners urged to save money by switching to free solar power

A BRAUNTON resident has become one of the first homeowners in Britain to have a free solar electricity system installed to combat rising energy bills.

Julie Jarvis will save a around a third on her energy bill after having solar panels fitted to her roof by leading free energy company, HomeSun.

The completely free installation was all made possible by the Government’s Feed-in-Tariffs (FiT) scheme. Introduced in April 2010, the FiT scheme means that energy companies have to pay for every unit of renewable energy generated by homes. Any unused energy is sent back to the National Grid.

Julie said she was thrilled with the service: “It’s been absolutely fantastic; I’ve got nothing but praise for the scheme.

“Everything was very straightforward, the installation was completed very quickly, and my neighbours can hardly believe that it was all done for free.”

HomeSun estimates that if other homeowners in Devon were to follow suit, the county’s carbon dioxide emissions could be reduced by 87,900 tonnes per year, knocking �12.5 million off the county’s collective fuel bill.

The company offers homeowners three options and believes that there are more than 80,000 homes that could benefit from the FiT scheme.

Daniel Green, HomeSun CEO, said: “The Government-backed Feed-in-Tariff opens up solar to so many more homeowners, and our aim is to find 100,000 homes nationwide to install solar PV systems absolutely free.

“I’m pleased to say that Devon really ticks all the boxes for solar energy. As one of the best locations in the country, residents of Devon could save significantly on their electricity bills.”

To find whether you qualify for free installation contact a HomeSun consultant on 0844 770 9922 or visit