Biosphere action plan

Joseph Bulmer

A NEW plan has been completed to help look after the many habitats within North Devon’s Biosphere Reserve, which contains a wealth of wildlife and stretches from the North Devon coast to the edge of Exmoor and the foot of Dartmoor.

The Biosphere Reserve Biodiversity Action Plan identifies the 13 most important habitats of the area, including specialities such as culm grassland and rocky foreshore through to enclosed farmland, towns and villages.

For each habitat there are around a dozen actions, to be completed over the next 10 years. These include one to recreate 28 hectares of culm grassland annually and another to help set up two new community woodlands with various partners.

It is expected that all the actions identified will be signed up to by partner organisations working in the Biosphere Reserve, from Devon Wildlife Trust through to Devon County Council, working together with farmers, volunteers and others across the area.

The plan will be launched early in the New Year. Comments are invited during the consultation period which finishes on January 7, 2011. The full plan is available on the Biosphere Reserve website and includes details of where to submit comments.

Mike Moser, chair of the Biosphere Reserve Partnership, said: “Our wonderful wildlife is an important element of what makes North Devon so special - the salmon in the rivers, the birds around the estuary and the flowers of our remarkable hedges. It is so important that we do not take these for granted and to work together to make sure that our wildlife flourishes. This plan will ensure productive partnerships between key organisations, farmers and individuals across the area to help sustain our world class wildlife.”