Binny Day plunged to death after row with her husband

Joseph Bulmer

On the eve of her suicide, Binny Day’s world came crashing down when she and her husband had a row.

Friends say he was the love of her life.

While she had had many relationships, Binny had never been in love before meeting Ian Day, who she married in June 1988.

The day of March 3, 1989, should have been one of the happiest days of Binny’s life – she had just passed her driving test and had everything to live for.

But, shortly after the euphoria of being told she was now qualified to drive, she was led to believe her husband of nine months had left her.

Her closest friend, who does not want to be identified, believes this caused her to jump to her death - just hours after finding a chink of happiness in her life.

“I think her brain had snapped at the time,” said the friend. “She’d rowed with her husband the night before.

“I think she thought ‘the love of my life has gone’. ‘Oh, my God, he’s left me. I am going to be on my own again’.

“When they had met, they had fallen madly in love.

“It was the first time she’d fallen in love.”

Thanks to taking half a Valium tablet before her driving test, Binny managed to conquer her nerves and was rewarded with her full licence.

Shortly after her test success, a joyous Binny telephoned husband Ian at the fabrications company, where he worked, to break the good news.

She was told he had taken two weeks’ holiday to go to Cornwall.

A distraught Binny took this to mean their marriage was over.

What she would never know was her much-loved husband had not left Devon, but instead had spent the day sitting on Woodbury Common, mulling over their argument - sparked by Binny’s claim that drug dealers were after her.

Binny’s best friend was telephoned by Ian’s boss.

He had grown concerned for the welfare of his employee’s wife after breaking the news of Binny’s husband’s holiday.

Her friend immediately set out to search for Binny.

“They had a tiff in the night. They fell out over her tall stories,” said her friend. “She phoned up, excited, to say she’d passed her test.

“Ian had sat up on the common, stewing over the row. By the time the police found him, she was dead. It came as a massive shock to him.”

At the time of her death, Binny’s marital home was in Laburnum Road, Exeter.

After passing her driving test, she had boarded a bus with her children and made her way over to Budleigh Salterton to see her friend.

Later, five-year-old Carl would tell how his mummy was crying on the bus.

Leaving her children with the friend she was visiting, Binny - who rarely drank alcohol - concocted a ruse of buying wine from Norman’s supermarket to celebrate her driving success.

“Alarm bells started ringing with me,” said her friend. “I thought it was a bit odd because Binny rarely drank.”

Taking her dog with her, Binny returned to her friend’s home 10 minutes later, saying: “I had better leave the dog here.”

Later, it was found she had failed to take either her bag or purse on her shopping trip.

She was gone for more than two hours before her body was found on the beach by a retired Exeter man. Binny had plunged to her death from the cliffs off Jubilee Field.