Bidet toilets - upgrade your bathroom experience

North Devon Gazette

Everyone goes to the bathroom and everyone needs to clean up afterwards ­- that's where a bidet-toilet can come in handy.Â
Although the bidet has been a feature for a long time throughout Europe and Asia, it has only become more common in the UK in recent years.Â

There has been an increase of internet searches for bidet-toilets, as people are becoming more aware of the many benefits.
It is more hygienic – using water to clean yourself is far more effective. Think about how you clean your body – using dry paper is nowhere near as effective as a shower or bath.
Cleaning with water is more comfortable – we don’t use dry paper to clean our hands, so why use it for our sensitive body parts?
Finally, it is less wasteful. The manufacturing and distribution of toilet paper requires a lot of trees (15million annually), energy (17billion kW) and water (473 billion gallons).Â

In the UK, we use 1.3m tonnes of toilet paper each year. A bidet eliminates the need for this, meaning you produce less waste, save money and save space.

At Living Needs, we can provide a range of bidets to suit your requirements.

The simplest option is the Bio Bidet, which can replace most conventional toilet seats. It enables users to wash and blow-dry themselves while seated.Â

It comes in the more basic 800 model or the 1000 model (with a separate remote control, heated seat and deodoriser).Â

Prices start from £495.50 (ex VAT) and if you suffer from any long-term health condition, you will be exempt from VAT.
We also sell Geberit AquaClean. This award-winning shower-toilet will look modern in any bathroom.Â

With automatic nozzle cleaning and a proximity sensor to switch some functions on as you sit down, it is easy to use and maintain.Â

This is the ideal choice for a more permanent option, and if you want us to install it, our experienced plumbers will offer a minimal contact, safe and professional service from start to finish.Â
For information on these products and other bathroom and mobility solutions, contact Living Needs on 01271 374600, or pop into our showroom at Mill Road, Barnstaple, or visit