Bideford trio reach national finals

Joseph Bulmer

Bideford bowlers Darren James, Neil Popham and skip Steve Bonetta have won through to the finals of the National Triples Championships at Worthing in late August.

The last member of the Bideford Bowling Club to go to Worthing was Darren’s grandad Derek James in 2001.

This triple was also part of the Bideford club’s Top Club team which beat United Services, Barnstaple, 3-2 in the Section Final.

Bideford men’s team have now reached the Devon County quarter finals in three team competitions – the Foxlands Two Fours, Top Club and County Trophy.

Darren’s twin sister Hayley is also going to the Ladies Championship at Leamington in the Amy Rose under 35s ladies team. Both twins have also been awarded their county badges