Bideford boxer celebrates memorable victory

North Devon Gazette

Billy Stanbury caused a big upset at York Hall beating local fighter Robbie Chapman on points. Â

In what was meant to be an uphill battle for Stanbury with his opponent ranked considerably higher in the middleweight rankings (43rd in Britain) and more experienced, Stanbury showed real maturity in his performance. Â

Stanbury started well, holding the centre of the ring working off a stiff jab and fast flurries to dominate early. Stanbury built on this in the 2nd, adding in his trademark body shots, as he was able to continually pin Chapman on the ropes.Â

Chapman was clearly feeling the pace in the 3rd as he tried to lower the pace, being negative on the back foot, but the Bideford boxer continued to showed real class looking for gaps and picking his shots well. Â

With Stanbury well on the way to victory, he went through the gears, continuously stalking Chapman and landing heavy blows. Â

Stanbury now moves to two fights undefeated as a Professional and will be looking to take his good form into his next bout in Plymouth on October 16th.Â