Bid to lower age at Ilfracombe’s Cliffe Hydro scheme

Joseph Bulmer

Developers want to make it available to “young retired”

Ten 10 years off Ilfracombe development: McCarthy & Stone is bidding to change planning conditions on its new Ilfracombe sheltered housing development at the Cliffe Hydro site so that 50-year-olds can live there.

When permission for the 40 retirement flats was granted in September 2006, one of the requirements was they could only be available to those aged 60 or older and their dependents due to the reduced level of parking spaces 19 in total.

Now the developers say although it is an unusual step for them, they feel the properties would “prove very attractive to ‘younger retired’ people given the location of the site.” It said the amount of parking was “relatively generous” compared with its other sites.