Barnstaple crime stats revealed

Joseph Bulmer

New figures show crime levels have fallen in the town

BARNSTAPLE has seen a nine per cent drop in crime this year, according to new figures.

Around 220 fewer offences were reported in the town 2010, while the crime detection rate still remains top in the Devon and Cornwall force area at 39 per cent.

In his latest policing update message, Barnstaple Sector Inspector Toby Davies said police would be concentrating their efforts on crimes linked to alcohol and drug use during December.

“December is an enjoyable time of year for most of us but it is also one of our busiest periods, largely down to the increased alcohol and drug consumption,” he said.

“Linked to this increased consumption, we tend to see an increase in reports of domestic abuse, sexual assaults and alcohol related disorder.

“As such we have been working hard on selling the message around responsible drinking. In addition we have moved shifts around to ensure we have more staff on later to provide that critically important visible presence.”

Insp Davies said that police were prepared for any disruption that may be caused due to severe weather conditions.

“We have access to some 4x4s and if we do get the bad weather again we hope to still be able to provide a good police service to all of our communities.”

He also thanked people in the town for their support in the aftermath of last month’s gas explosion in Trinity Street.

He said: “There is little doubt that one of the most significant events of the year occurred in Trinity Street with the explosion linked to gas canisters in a property – quite an unbelievable scene and remarkable that we only have two injured.

“They are both still being treated for serious injuries and the investigation is still ongoing.

“My thanks to all those involved and to the local community for their forbearance and support during a difficult time.”