Art centre vies for hotel expansion

Joseph Bulmer

Actor heads Plough Arts Centre proposal to purchase next door Globe Hotel

AMBITIOUS plans have been unveiled for a large-scale redevelopment of the Plough Arts Centre in Torrington.

Plans centre on a proposal, headed by patron, local actor Joss Ackland, to expand the venue by purchasing the Globe Hotel next door.

A development committee is being set up to oversee the project and the securing of funds to forward the proposal is said to be at a “critical phase”.

The chance to buy the Globe is seen as a “once in a generation opportunity” and director Richard Wolfenden-Brown and management have had a series of meetings with various local bodies to secure support for the idea.

The Plough is a registered charity and the only independent arts centre in the North and West Devon. It is hoped that the combined buildings would increase the space the centre has available for its current and planned activities.

Further information is set to be released next Tuesday, when negotiations are expected to have been completed.