Array questions

Joseph Bulmer

SIR - It is interesting to note that the Green Party Press Officer considers 301 telephone interviews taken as long ago as January, 2011 to be a justifiable sample of the publics views concerning the proposed offshore turbines as to why they are acceptable.

How many people live in or visit the area each year? Considerably more, in case she does not realise.

How many of those 301 people were provided with detailed information and schematics of what the views would look like from different locations and viewpoints in North Devon?

How many of those 301 people would have the same viewpoint today, with more information made available to them?

How many of those 301 people can actually see the coastline from their homes or workplaces?

How many of those 301 people actually care about things generally in the area, or the impact things have on fellow residents?

How many of those 301 people are dependent on the local tourism industry thriving?

The answers to these other questions are not known, or made available of course - no doubt because they were probably not asked.

A simple FACT is that North Devon is deemed an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and as such is dependent on Tourism to survive. The Green Party seems determined to ignore this very important fact, preferring to instead baffle people with facts and figures on an almost weekly basis.

It was also interesting to read in the same Opinion column M D Bilbie’s letter, offering a tourist’s viewpoint on the proposals - tourists who return to the area regularly, as this contributor obviously does should be sought out and their opinions obtained.

And finally can Ms Haworth-Booth advise why she cites the offshore distance as 14km, as opposed to the measurement we use in this beautiful country of ours - of miles? Could it be because 8.7 miles sounds considerably closer to the shoreline than 14km ?

Andrew Pettey