Appledore housing plans displayed

Joseph Bulmer

SOME 230 people visited an exhibition in Appledore on Thursday and Saturday to display plans for a major new housing development on the outskirts of the village.

The community consultation in the Appledore Hall gave local people an opportunity to see and have their say on outline proposals being drawn up for between 100 and 200 homes on a site above Hubbastone Road before the developer enters into formal discussions with the district council.

The 6.2 hectare site would have an access on to Wooda Road and could, potentially, also have a link to Tomouth Crescent.

Planning consultant Ian Jewson, working on behalf of local developer Keith Curtis, said the exhibition was to outline to local residents the potential of the site and the key issues involved and to listen to local views, which would help them to shape the future of the site.

They would be looking to maintain the district council’s policy on affordable homes and help address the requirement of 39 such homes outlined in the Appledore Local Housing Needs report.

Feedback from residents would be considered and comments would be summarised in a statement of community involvement that would be made publicly available, he said.

It was anticipated that a planning application would be made later this year and at this stage there would be another opportunity for people to submit their comments.

Following the exhibition in the village, Appledore Residents Association called a public meeting at the Baptist Church Hall on Monday night to discuss the proposals.

People unable to attend the exhibition can get further information from Maria Bailey at GM Planning Services on 07930 479629 or by e-mailing gm.planning