Appeal for mobile phones for Africa

Joseph Bulmer

A Barnstaple charity is looking for mobile phones to help vulnerable young Ugandans

BARNSTAPLE charity Amigos is on the hunt for old mobile phones to help equip young people in Uganda to lift themselves out of poverty.

The charity is looking to send around 40 phones a year out to Kira Farm Training Centre in Uganda to equip their staff and students.

Phil Pugsley, CEO of Amigos, explained that the charity gives the students phones that are often locked and without a SIM card, to encourage them to earn money to unlock the phone as quickly as possible.

He said: “Every phone given out to a Kira student, which has been 50 to date, has been activated within a few days.”

The phones also allow each student to transfer their money to their mobiles, providing a far safer alternative to carrying cash.

Phil added: “They can then go to a dedicated phone shop to add or take out their money in cash when they need it.”

The charity is hoping to use the phones to provide long term support and to follow up on the progress of their students, reducing travel times and costs.

The charity is also on the hunt for old laptops and computer equipment to help teach valuable IT skills.

Amigos work to equip vulnerable young people in Uganda with vocational skills so they can support themselves and their families out of poverty

If you have any unused mobile phones that you would like to donate to the charity please contact Phil Pugsley on: 01271 377664 or drop them into the Amigos office at: 3 Boutport Street, Barnstaple.