Anti-cuts rally at Guildhall

Joseph Bulmer

Public meeting to debate Government cut-backs

North Devon Anti-Cuts Alliance will be hosting a public meeting in Barnstaple on Saturday.

The North Devon Rally Against the Cuts will be held in the Guildhall from 2-4pm and will include speakers as well as discussion and debate.

Speakers will include Heath Pettifer, South West Regional Officer for Unite, a union that will be at the forefront of the struggle against the economic cuts. Also speaking will be Steven Holden, a Petroc student, and Jim Lowe, secretary of North Devon Anti-Cuts Alliance.

Mr Lowe said: “I hope that the meeting will be an excellent opportunity for all those who are unhappy about the severe and unfair cuts to make their voices heard, and to add their experiences and ideas to help build the movement to defeat the cuts in 2011. Everybody who is being or will be affected by cuts should come and tell us what is happening to them and to be part of the campaign to stop it happening.”

Mr Lowe said realistic alternatives to the cuts would be discussed at the rally.

North Devon Anti-Cuts Alliance was formally established in October last year to form an opposition in North Devon to oppose the cuts being proposed by the coalition government.

Regular meetings are held in Barnstaple and Bideford and the group has a website -