Angry angler

Joseph Bulmer

SIR - I have been a keen angler for more than 50 years, mainly coarse fishing on rivers and lakes. I am now a pensioner, but I still like to get a few days fishing in, especially when the weather is warm and so does my wife, who is also a pensioner.

But it really annoys me the way the Environment Agency charge us for a fishing licence at a cost of �18 for one year. This is a reduced price for pensioners, which is good, but could be far better as we still have to pay an average of �6 a day each to fish at various waters.

The licence allows me to fish with two rods, when I only use one. It also covers me to fish for 12 months when I never fish for more than three or four months of the year as the rest of the time it’s too wet or cold to venture out.

It’s only the hardy, fit youngsters who get the full vale of a 12-month licence. Many carp anglers use at leas three rods, so they know have to buy two licences which covers up to four rods at double the cost.

My licence is for two rods, but if my wife comes with me, as she always does, why can’t I use one rod and my wife the other rod on the same licence? Why do I have to pay another �18 for my wife’s licence which would allow us to use between us four rods that we don’t have, need or want?

How stupid is this? Why can’t we buy a licence for six months (summer) instead of 12 months and a licence for one rod instead of two? It would then be half the cost and allow more pensioners to enjoy the hobby and sport they have supported for many years as my wife and I have.

Derek Phillips,