Alliance condemns killing of ‘stunning’ stag

Joseph Bulmer

Country people urged be vigilant of poachers following death of ‘Goodleigh Giant’

THE Countryside Alliance has added its voice to the condemnation of the killing of a red deer stag dubbed the “Goodleigh Giant”.

In the wake of an illegal killing earlier this month a spokesperson for the campaign group – a leading voice of rural Britain – has urged those who use the countryside to be vigilant of poachers, or risk long-term damage to shooting and other forms of wildlife management.

David Taylor, shooting campaign manager, said: “In recent weeks wildlife specialists ranging from the Deer Initiative and Woodland Trust, to leading environmentalist Chris Packham, have all recognised the importance of active deer management in controlling numbers across Britain.

“Illegal poaching, as has occurred in the case of the Goodleigh Giant, is totally unnecessary and ends up doing long-term damage to the gene-pool of deer.

“There is now widespread recognition that deer need managing in Britain and indiscriminate poaching harms the deer population as a whole, as well as the reputation of both shooting and wildlife management.

“We urge everyone who uses the countryside to be on the look-out for poachers at this time of year.”


TWO local men have been arrested and bailed after a stag was killed by a rifle shot on National Trust land between Shirwell and Loxhore.

Sergeant Graham Thomas, one of the neighbourhood team leaders for Barnstaple, said: “We have been receiving increased complaints of persons using guns and poaching deer on National Trust land which has a significant impact on the local community and the land owners.”

“I would urge anyone with information regarding these incidents to contact police at the Barnstaple station.”