All Whites and Rogues in tight tussle

Joseph Bulmer

THE third week of the North Devon Netball League produced some great games in Division 2.

All Whites and Langtree Re-Unites Rogues were very close throughout. When the final whistle blew All Whites were just ahead, winning by two points.

Woolacombe Bay Holiday Park raced out of the blocks to take an 11-1 lead over Titans Venus and increased their lead in the second quarter. Venus found their form in the second half and started to claw goals back, but the early lead was just too much and Woolacombe finally ran out 36-24 victors.

The centres took the playing honours in Division 3, with Livi Woolaway and Anna Caswell leading Venners Bakery Adders and Reeds Silverside to victory.

In Division 4 Exmoor Beasties, Woolacombe Wolves and Titans Pluto all faced new teams to the league and all achieved convincing wins.

Div 1: Carol Anne Diamonds 49, Titans Neptune 30; Titans Apollo 42, Titans Voyager 29; Venners Bakery Vipers 40, Carol Anne Sapphires 30.

Div 2: Carol Anne Emeralds 46, Carol Anne Amethysts 27; Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks 36, Titans Venus 24; All Whites 31, Langtree Re-Unites Rogues 29; South Molton Falcons 40, Panthers 25.

Div 3: Venners Bakery Adders 54, Hartland Harriers 24; Reeds Silverside 28, North Devon Homes Stars 17.

Div 4: Woolacombe Wolves 47, South Molton Eagles 11; Exmoor Beasties 41, Carol Anne Opals 15; Titans Pluto 28, Carol Anne Topaz 9.