‘Killer’ cats

Joseph Bulmer

SIR - The cat is the last uncontrolled pet and it is well overdue that it is brought in line and stopped from distressing so many people.

Just because cat owners have always let their pets out to cause misery in everyone else’s gardens does not mean it is right.

When people buy a rabbit, they also buy an indoor and outdoor hutch and an outdoor run, even though rabbits can be house trained and will return home if let out.

Years ago, people near me put a cat cage in their garden. It was like a squirrel cage, about six feet high, a framework of netting and a box placed high inside with a ladder up to it.

They did this because their cat loved to sit outside, but was attacked by a neighbouring cat and had become frightened of going out.

Their cat loved the cage and sat high and secure inside it. How much better would it have been for everyone if the offending cat owner had put their nuisance cat in a cage?

In Australia, cat owners have to keep their pets on their premises. This is because of their wonderful wildlife.

Well, I just happen to think our wildlife is wonderful, too and shouldn’t be allowed to be killed by pet cats.

Councils could catch cats in parks and cemeteries and fine their owners. Doesn’t anyone else think it’s really wrong for a nuisance killer cat to be allowed to kill wildlife in our parks?

M Roberts (Mrs),