‘Green’ taxes

Joseph Bulmer

SIR - It appears that chickens are at last truly coming home to roost. Hopefully the general public will now fully awaken to how they are being taken for gullible fools.

Surely, the latest increase in energy bills will concentrate minds realising that the annual addition of �300 which people have to pay (no choice) as “Green taxes” on their energy bills, also desecrates the landscape with unsightly “Wellsian” wind generators, coupled with the unnecessary scenery destroying proliferation of pylons and overhead power cables...totally soul destroying!

To pour more salt into the wound, how many folk realise that approximately two-thirds of wind farms are foreign owned? So much for the Energy Secretary claiming they are good for the UK economy...perhaps I am missing something here?

This whole sad pantomime was again brought into focus when only last week �1.2 million was paid to wind farms to close down, as yes, and farcically, wind generators cannot be used when it is too windy. Further, under a Siberian or Azores high when there is little or no wind, no power is produced...we are all now living in the Land of Stoopid!

Dave Haskell

Boncath , Pembs