Acupuncture Fundraiser for Ukraine

North Devon Gazette

We want to use our skills and talents to help support the people of Ukraine and so we will be holding a “Support Ukraine Acupuncture Day” in Barnstaple all day on Saturday, March 19, 2022.Â

We are also offering free group Acupuncture sessions to Ukrainian citizens in North Devon. Acupuncture is well established to help deal with emotional stress, trauma and PTSD. We will arrange sessions, please email to register.Â

100% of everything collected will be split 50:50 betweenÂ

- Ukraine Humanitarian AppealÂ

   (UN Disasters Emergency Committee)Â

- Acupuncture Without BordersÂ

There are many ways you can help us. You can;Â



 New to clinic (£50)  Â

 Existing Patient (£50)Â

3) DONATE – see belowÂ

If you would like to donate to our Campaign, we have collection boxes in clinic and we also have set up a product code in clinic to collect donations (multiples of £10). Please email for information.Â

We are volunteering our time and the clinic is covering all costs, including materials and card processing fees so 100% of everything raised can go to support the work of AWB.Â