A successful year for new North Devon recycling centre

Joseph Bulmer

AS it approaches its first birthday the new North Devon Council Environment Centre at Brynsworthy has been hailed a great success.

The first staff moved into the multi million pound works and recycling service complex in June 2010 and since then an estimated 6,000 tonnes of dry recyclable material has flowed in and out of its doors.

In one day 13 tonnes of paper, two of plastic and 10 of glass will be collected, sorted and processed.

A number of extensions have been added to the former meat plant and innovative energy saving measures, including solar heaters for water and rainwater collection for washing vehicles.

Both refuse and kerbside recycling collections are run from the site, which features an education room for school visits, viewing gallery and a massive vehicle workshop.

The new site has been described as “fantastic value” for rate payers after �7 million was received for the former Seven Brethren site and the new facility created for six.

It contains a large amount of office space, allowing the council to move some departments to Brynsworthy from the Civic Centre, with Devon County Council anticipated to be taking some of the space back in its town centre building.

Property services, building control and works and recycling staff are expected to relocate to Brynsworthy and it is planned to move Revenue and Benefits to the Civic Centre, closing Lynton House, to create a “one stop shop” for the public.

Service manager Rex Bassett said plastics and metal cans were separated and baled on site, with increased space allowing them to be stored before collection.

Another service not possible at the old site allows trade waste customers to drop off recyclable material free of charge. They can call (01271) 318516 or email tradewaste@northdevon.gov.uk to arrange a delivery.

Schools or groups wishing to visit the site can call Lesley Isaac on 318517 or email lesley.isaac@northdevon.gov.uk.