After the recent events with many pre-packed foods having up to 100 per cent horsemeat in them, I feel the British public should support our farmers, many of whom have gone out of business because of foreign imports.

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Some of the EU countries do not have our cleanliness or restrictions. Horses could have steroids in them if racehorses retired, or we may even get TB rejects.

Does anyone check these frozen foods?

We did not have this trouble before we joined the EU. France would not accept our British lamb, so why should we put up with horsemeat from Romania, Luxembourg or France?

The modern housewife needs to know how to cook, not just burgers or frozen meals. Brisket of beef is nice roasted slowly, and a cheaper cut is neck of lamb for stews. Use your cooker.

Our schools, hospitals, cafes and hotels may have unknowingly been serving up tainted meat. Why buy meat such as corned beef from Argentina? Why can’t we make our own?

Come on, public, support our British farmers and buy British.

Jasmin Davis



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