I read with interest the article about the gentleman who overstayed his time limit at Asda/Atlantic Village and received a parking ticket (“Parking ticket for £70? You Asda be joking”, Gazette, January 30).

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A very similar thing happened to me around two years ago.

My daughter had recently returned from abroad after being away for over a year. In fact, she had returned early to attend my mother’s funeral.

We had only intended to pop into Asda after going swimming in Northam, but decided to go to Costa for a coffee and, without thinking about the time, visited a few shops (making purchases in most) and then did our shopping in Asda. We spent £250 between us during our visit!!

Until that day, I don’t think I’d ever done more than spend as hour or so at Atlantic Village and can’t say I’d really seen any notices about time limits, so was very upset to find we had been given a parking ticket.

We had been there about two and a half hours, so I accepted that we had been at fault and promptly paid the fine, but I also photocopied all the receipts and wrote to the managers of Asda and Atlantic Village.

I didn’t word the letters in a nasty way, nor did I ask for a refund of the parking fine. I explained how easy it is to forget about the time when you’re enjoying yourself and ended the letter by asking them if they needed to review the time limit given for the site to perhaps three hours.

I’ve never had a reply from either of them. So much for customer service, and it proves that it definitely pays to contact the press!

Liz Worth



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