I was very angry to read [on the Gazette website] that 250 high-skilled jobs are to be lost at Bideford because the employer wants to move production elsewhere in Europe, no doubt to maximise his profits with cheaper labour.

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But of course it’s not 250 jobs lost – when suppliers and all the other small firms which have benefited are counted it is more like 500 jobs lost.

Germany and France would not allow manufacturing jobs to move to other countries. They fight for their workers and employers, and they have laws in place that make it very difficult and costly for their companies to up sticks and move to cheap labour countries.

Our government does not lift a finger to support and fight for UK jobs and manufacturing companies – they roll over and let greedy employers abandon the UK for cheap labour and rich pickings elsewhere.

For those wishing for a Labour government to save them, they are just as bad – they spent 13 years waving goodbye to UK manufacturing jobs overseas and encouraged mass migration which reduced the pay of UK workers, ending in a fight for a job which went to those willing to work for the lowest pay.

I do hope that those Bideford workers can find work, very difficult in the present financial crisis, and I do hope that the Lib Dems and Tories don’t label them skivers and benefit scroungers if they have to sign on at the job centre.

GR Parkhouse



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