Driving me up the wall

Thursday, January 17, 2013
9:30 AM

Why oh why can’t drivers, who are either visiting the hospital in Widgery Drive or work there, just take a minute of their time as they drive up there to notice the following.

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Firstly, a disabled parking space outside of number 13 Widgery Drive where sadly no disabled driver can park because of some inconsiderate idiots who decide to park on the opposite side of the road to this space.

And also, secondly, to consider the fact that the way some drivers park up and down Widgery Drive, there is sometimes hardly any room to get through due to stupid parking.

There are large vans, lorries and dustbin lorries up and down our road every day of the week, but no one seems to think to leave spaces big enough to drive through.

We know there is a parking problem and Thursdays seem to be worse than the rest of the week. So couldn’t the council, or whoever, either look at the grass area by the hospital and make more parking spaces, or make appointments on other days, as everyone seems to be here on a Thursday.

What a nightmare.

People are also driving in through the “no entry” sign (and I’m sure these people know who they are).

Only this week I saw staff that work at the hospital parking on the double yellow lines, no disabled badge showing, but I’m sure they think it’s OK for them.

This has been going on for far too long, and it’s becoming increasingly worse.

It’s about time our MPs and our council and our police came out, especially on a Thursday, and had a look at what goes on up Widgery Drive.

Christine Bird

South Molton


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